Cleaning Brushes

Cleaning Brushes
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Curved Kitchen Brush HO82288132
Durable synthetic scrubbing fibers resist mildew and mold. Rounded head to reach into tight corners...
$39.78 $19.67
Horsehair Silver Brush HO18113413
Polishing silver is easy to do when you use the proper tools. For quickly removing polish and excess..
$67.91 $19.16
Multi Color Heavy Duty Scrub Brushes 4-Set HO38452724
These Heavy Duty Scrub Brushes are perfect for countertops and other large work surfaces because of ..
$43.86 $19.98
10 in. X-Stiff Nylon Spotting Brush 12-Pack HO11356362
This specialty carpet and upholstery brush is designed specifically to help work powder or solution ..
$127.87 $90.54
Dishwashing Palm Brush HO46646542
Our new Palm Brush is designed to hold your favorite dish soap for better cleaning. Simply lift the ..
$39.91 $19.23
11-1 2 in. Polyester White Hook Brush 12-Pack HO83116373
The Sparta Clean-in-lace hook brush is used to clean overhead pipes and surfaces which cannot be mov..
$105.59 $78.82
72 in. x 1 in. Dia Polyester Pipe Brush 12-Case HO53215233
This Pipe Brush is perfect for cleaning small tubing, lines and other small openings. The long 72 in..
$161.06 $127.26
8 in. Short Handle Stiff Bristle Scrub Brush HO13626755
Harper utility stiff scrub brushes should always be handy to scrub out tough dirt and grime. Use ins..
$38.11 $19.58
10 in. Flo-Thru Flagged Polystyrene Brush Case of 12 HO51536663
This handy vehicle brush may be used either as a handheld brush or with an optional flo-thru handle...
$231.22 $196.67
Medium Bristle Deck Brush + 7 ft. to 30 ft. Extension Pole 11 in. Scrub Brush with Telescopic Pole HO64541148
The DocaPole Medium-Bristle Deck Brush Kit with 30 ft. Extension Pole is a versatile long-reach clea..
$135.88 $84.06
11 in. Hard Bristle Deck Brush and Scrub Brush Extension Pole Attachment Pole Not Included HO63264233
The DocaPole Hard-Bristle Brush leverages its bi-level, multi-angle design to remove dirt, muck and ..
$63.19 $19.20
16 in. Bowl Brush with Caddy 24-Pack HO67783585
Flo-Pac bowl brush with caddy. Perfect product for businesses and institutions which need a cost eff..
$124.37 $66.55