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Cleaning Brushes
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Water Flow Thru Large Flo-Brush for Extend-A-Flo Wash Brush Handle HO68486527
Large size brush to easily clean large vehicles and more. Soft bristles make it safe for clear coat ..
$61.17 $19.82
18 in. Plastic Toilet Brush and No-Drip Holder Set HO67614284
No more dripping with this toilet brush and portable caddy. Light-weight caddy is designed to catch ..
$73.54 $19.07
Dishwashing Palm Brush HO46646542
Our new Palm Brush is designed to hold your favorite dish soap for better cleaning. Simply lift the ..
$39.91 $19.23
6 in. Red Bake Pan Hand Scrub Brush Case of 12 HO56844567
While made for cleaning the open seam on baking sheets, this scrub brush allows a comfortable and fo..
$81.12 $50.20
7 in. Grout Brush HO87723817
This Nylon Grout Brush can be used for grout and tile cleaning or any other job around the house. Th..
$53.06 $19.42
10 in. Nylon Stiff Bristles Carpet Spotting Scrub Brush Case of 12 HO16738211
A specialty brush for your carpet cleaning business. Hard bristled carpet brush has a sturdy wood bl..
$132.13 $80.51
9 in. Waterflow Multi-Purpose Brush with Rubber Bumper Guard HO71236517
Non-scratch brush for cleaning cars, small trucks, boats, siding and decks with ease. The soft brist..
$58.83 $19.70
10 in. Soft Bristle Car Wash Brush and Scrub Brush Extension Pole Attachment Pole Not Included HO12883383
The versatile DocaPole 5-Sided Soft Bristle Scrub Brush is the ultimate soft-bristle cleaning brush...
$76.52 $19.66
Curved Kitchen Brush HO82288132
Durable synthetic scrubbing fibers resist mildew and mold. Rounded head to reach into tight corners...
$39.78 $19.67
8 in. Horsehair Blend Counter Bench Brush, 13 in. Overall Length Case of 12 HO41527463
8 in. Horsehair and Polypropylene Bristled Brush is perfect for control of fine dust and dust-like p..
$144.15 $105.88
Triangle Floor Baseboard Scrubber with Stiff Blue Polypropylene Bristles 12-Pack HO14782588
A specialized tool for a specific cleaning need. Medium hard polypropylene bristles are perfect for ..
$236.97 $202.12
Meat Dept. Supermarket Complete Kit Cleaning Tools HO82215773
Complete kit of cleaning tools designed to assist in restaurant HACCP cross contamination programs i..
$191.93 $159.29