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4 ft. 5-in-1 Aluminum Floor Handle System HO73851615
The Unger Pro 48 in. Dual-Head Handle is ideal for use in commercial and residential cleaning applic..
$64.70 $19.55
36 in. Maroon Stiff Polypropylene Floor Brush Head with 3-1 4 in. Brush HO54726831
Hardwood block with two threaded handle holes. Handles sold separately. Maroon bristles for coarse/h..
$81.78 $25.52
18 in. Plastic Broom Holder System 12-Pack HO38721541
The Flo-Pac Roll 'N Grip broom holder is the perfect solution for your long handled tool and brush s..
$240.38 $206.90
16 ft. Reach Extension Pole HO55576735
This Pole provides a high reach for your cleaning needs. Works great with Ettore's cleaning products..
$65.14 $23.18
InterPro 4 ft. 2 Section Interlock Extension Pole HO44387761
This Interlocking Extension Pole last longer and is more durable than anything else on the market. F..
$69.64 $19.47
Palmyra 18 in. Heavy Floor Garage Sweep 12-Case HO84623125
The 18 in. Palmyra bristle, wood block garage sweep is our heaviest duty garage format broom. The pe..
$143.03 $78.64
36 in. Fine Sweep broom, Horsehair Blend in Black Case of 6 HO26547553
For all around use on smooth surfaces, the Horsehair/polypropylene blend broom is the perfect broom ..
$224.90 $183.96
10 ft. Steel Telescopic Pole HO62755413
Telescopic pole extends your reach up to 10 ft. to accommodate most household cleaning tasks without..
$41.22 $19.67
Smooth Sweep Indoor Angle Broom with Dustpan HO45256348
With this HDX Broom you will enjoy an effective and efficient sweeping experience with minimal labor..
$52.60 $19.16
Bulldozer 24 in. Multi-Surface Fiberglass Push Broom HO52857581
This sturdy push broom is made with a combination of mechanically split and solid poly fibers for th..
$66.52 $19.19
46 in. Handle Jumbo Smooth Sweep Angled Broom in Black Yellow 6 Carton HO41337112
Angle-cut broom is ideal for indoor sweeping tasks, especially around edges and corners. Long-lastin..
$125.58 $64.22
60 in. Threaded Utility Handle HO51151171
This utility handle is utilized to repair a fractured utility handle. Hardwood handle provides flexi..
$48.03 $19.61